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Many studies indicate that condition monitoring of paper and printing machines significantly increases productivity of the facilities by avoiding emergency downtime, as well as optimizing mean time between maintenances. The results of analysis carried out at one of the larger Swedish companies from the sector have shown, that one machine working at the plant is able to generate additional significantprofit, if only it is possible to avoid any unplanned downtime and production of poor quality caused by worn out parts, that should have been replaced. It is at least 7.8 million Swedish crowns (SEK) (approx. 975 000 USD) per year, that is 12.5% of annual maintenance budget. It is a tangible proof that the constant diagnostic supervision of production facilities is the source of additional profits for the customer.

Recommended products and services for the paper and printing industries

VIBstudio - Advanced online condition monitoring system for wind turbines

VIBstudio is an advanced wind turbine condition monitoring system, which analyzes vibration signals from all the key mechanical components, like main bearing, gearbox and generator. The system uses the most advanced vibration diagnostics methods available, which ensures that symptoms of a damage will not go undetected, even in an early development phase. This gives time to plan the maintenance works with a minimal downtime.

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Remote condition monitoring of paper and printing machines

The VIBstudio system can work as a part of our remote condition monitoring service. In this solution data from multiple installations on monitored machines is collected in the central database of EC Systems Diagnostic Center. In the Center our vibration diagnostics specialists analyze the acquired data and warn against potential problems.

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