Modern chemical industry could not exist without automation, intelligent control systems and diagnostic systems. On their reliability heavily depends the safety, as well as the efficiency of the production processes. EC Systems offers its experience in using advanced vibration diagnostics methods, which have been implemented in our condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery. Installing them at your production facility will help to avoid very costly emergency downtime of your machines. Our systems allow to early detect machine failures such as imbalance, misalignment, loose foundation, bearings and gears damage. What is very important for clients from the chemical industry, our systems can be configured in such manner, that allows them to work in an explosive atmosphere. We can deliver a complete, spark proof condition monitoring system with the ATEX certificate.

Recommended products and services for the chemical sector

VIBstudio - Advanced online condition monitoring system for wind turbines

VIBstudio is an advanced wind turbine condition monitoring system, which analyzes vibration signals from all the key mechanical components, like main bearing, gearbox and generator. The system uses the most advanced vibration diagnostics methods available, which ensures that symptoms of a damage will not go undetected, even in an early development phase. This gives time to plan the maintenance works with a minimal downtime.

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Remote condition monitoring of chemical facilities

The VIBstudio system can work as a part of our remote condition monitoring service. In this solution data from multiple installations on monitored machines is collected in the central database of EC Systems Diagnostic Center. In the Center our vibration diagnostics specialists analyze the acquired data and warn against potential problems.

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VIBtransmitter VT1002DK/DS/DP - Modules for reciprocating compressors monitoring

The VT1002DK, VT1002DS and VT1002DP modules are specially modified versions of the VT1002D module, which are designed for condition monitoring of reciprocating compressors, which are often used in the chemical industry. Their design takes into account the specific nature of work of this type of equipment, which makes VIBtransmitter VT1002DK/DS/DP modules much better suited for reciprocating compressors monitoring, than the standard, general purpose modules.

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